Hire Terms & Conditions for Charter Bus Services



  1. Security bond: A $550 credit card security bond is charged on the day of or prior to the hire. 

    Cantys Bus Rentals reserves the right to charge a fee to the credit card up to the full security bond should any of the issues listed in the clauses 2) to 6) below occur during the charter.

  2. Cleaning fee:  Minimum charge of $200 for vehicle returned unclean; with spilt alcoholic drinks, vomit, food waste, rubbish or the smell of alcohol or cigarette smoke in the bus

  3. No smoking or vaping permitted in vehicles.  Charge of $550 for smoking in vehicle.

  4. Glass bottled beverages/illegal drugs: are not permitted on the bus at any time. Minimum charge of $200 for non-compliance.

  5. Damage charges: The hirer is responsible for total cost of repairs for any damage caused deliberately, maliciously or recklessly by the hirer or any passenger or any damage otherwise caused whilst the vehicle was being used outside of the terms of this agreement.   

  6. Termination of Agreement/Loss of Bond: Canty's Bus Rentals have the right to terminate this hire agreement and recover the hired vehicle at any time without refund.  This includes requesting all passengers to vacate the bus immediately at the driver’s request.  Situations where termination of the agreement may happen include but are not limited to:

    1. Hirer or any passenger behaving unruly

    2. Acting or speaking inappropriately to the driver

    3. Not responding to driver’s requests

    4. Offensive behaviour towards the other motorists or the general public

    5. Damaging the vehicle, including unauthorized use of the fire extinguishers, break glass hammers

    6. Throwing items out of the vehicle

    7. Smoking, vaping or the use of illegal drugs on bus

  7. Loss or Damage: The hirer agrees to waive any claim for loss or damage occasioned to the hirer because of: delays, booking and service errors, mechanical failure of the vehicle, lost or stolen personal items, accidents or any other events

  8. Bond refund: Banks/Financial institutions will take a minimum 3 to 5 business days to process credit card security bond refund into customer’s bank account.

  9. Cantys Bus Rentals provides a transport service and not a party service

  10. Variations to Charter: Changes to routes/times will incur additional fees eg extra pick-ups, drop-offs, extra time

  11. Bus Driver: Cantys bus drivers are not authorised to vary these terms and conditions. 

I hereby authorise Cantys Bus Rentals to charge vehicle damage, cleaning fees, smoking fees, glass bottled beverages/illicit drug use etc to my credit card/cash security bond.   

Security Bond Credit Card Authorisation

Visa or Mastercard only
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